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Astrophotographer Robert Vice to Give Workshop at the Arizona Dark Sky Star Party

Astrophotographer Robert Vice to Give Workshop at the Arizona Dark Sky Star Party

Robert Vice has been involved in astronomy and astrophotography since he was 9 years old, first imaging deep-sky objects on film and over the last twenty years with digital sensors. His wife Christina started astrophotography three years ago and is now making spectacular images of her own. Now in his early 40's Robert has decades of experience in making fine astrophotographs, his favorite being wide-field images of nebulae.

Explore Alliance Ambassador Robert Vice Sets Up his Astrophotography Rig

Now you can learn from masters of the craft and apply it to your personal exploration of the universe with your camera and telescope at the Second Annual Arizona Dark Sky Star Party to be held at Kartchner Caverns Dark Sky Park from May 20-24, 2020. There is no additional cost for attending these workshops for ADSSP attendees. 

Robert and Christina Vice Conducting the ADSSP Astrophotography Workshop at the First Annual ADSSP

Robert and Christina Vice Conducting the Astrophotography Workshop at the First Annual ADSSP at Kartchner Caverns

Robert and Christina will show you the following:

  • Proper telescope setup
  • Precision focusing
  • Camera Settings
  • Image Capture and Calibration Frames
  • Image Processing

Required equipment that you need to bring if you intend to make astrophotographs at ADSSP while you learn:

  • Equatorial Tracking Mount and Telescope or Mounting Rail for DSLR Cameras
  • Shutter Release Cable with Intervalometer
  • Extra Camera and Mount Batteries or AC/DC Power Supply
  • Camera and Proper Telescope attaching adapters or Camera Lenses
  • Laptop, Preferably PC-based to load Gimp and DeepSkyStacker Software
  • Small Table to Set Up Computers
  • Extra USB Cables, Extension Cords, Camera Connection Cables, Power Cables, etc. (in case of a cable failure in the field)

Explore Scientific will supply several iEXOS100 Equatorial Tracker Mounts for Explore Alliance Members to use that you can attach your DSLR camera to. Note that you will need to reserve space on these mounts by contacting Explore Alliance Member Services

 *Come back to this page for more workshop details as they become available. 


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