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Astropalooza 2022 - Astroworld TV - Explore Alliance

Astropalooza 2022 - Astroworld TV - Explore Alliance

AstroWorld TV

 Astroworld TV and the Explore Alliance invite you to the first AstroPalooza event!

The 8 hour event hosted by AstroWorld TV and Dan Higgins is on Saturday December 10th starting at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time. AstroPalooza is free and features many prominent authorities in astrophotography and astronomy, including:

  • Adam Block
  • Charles Bracken
  • Nico Carver
  • Ernest Jacobs
  • Josh Kovach
  • Amy Little
  • Ron Brecher
  • Warren Keller
  • Peter Proulx
  • Shawn Nielsen
  • Dr. Christian Sasse
  • Molly Wakeling

To watch the festivities go to the AstroPalooza official page on AstroWorld TV, and sign up for valuable door prizes. 

Explore Alliance Affiliate - AstroWorld TV

AstroWorld TV is an Official Explore Alliance Affiliate Organization


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