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Certified Pre-Owned Program

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Whether investing in your first telescope or looking to expand your cache of observing devices and accessories, cost can be a barrier between you and a sea of celestial wonders. With the reduced pricing of Explore Scientific’s Certified Pre-Owned program, that does not have to be the case any longer. 

The Certified Pre-Owned program offers a wide variety of telescopes with little mileage that are guaranteed to perform optically and mechanically. These items are still held to the same stringent guidelines set forth by our Quality Control Staff. These items may have been show stock, sales samples or even ones that were never used but have a slight cosmetic imperfection. Regardless, upon registration, they are backed with our transferable Explore Star Warranty, the same warranty that is given for any new Explore Scientific product. 

New stock and Certified Pre-Owned items from Explore Scientific go through an intense quality control process that begins with a visual inspection. After removing the packing material from the optical tube assembly, immediate visual inspections are conducted for any structural abnormalities. After this process, our technicians will analyze all of the mechanical aspects. 

Through this extensive process, our technicians hand-inspect every aspect of each product to ensure that they will perform as well as any new Explore Scientific instrument. Our exacting standards are the same for our Certified Pre-Owned items as for our new stock, and we guarantee no product is allowed in the Certified Pre-Owned line if it is not 100% mechanically and optically sound. 

Although each telescope has already been through an extensive battery of optical tests, our technicians once again put each instrument on the optical bench to verify proper collimation and optical correction. Once approved by QA, each product receives a professional cleaning and is carefully packaged and sealed for shipment.

Overall, acquiring a Certified Pre-Owned Explore Scientific instrument is an intelligent use of your budget resources for your astronomy program, and an important option to consider to help you keep exploring!