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Winter Star Party 2018 - Boy was it wet here...

Winter Star Party 2018 - Boy was it wet here...

We are at the Winter Star Party in Chiefland Florida, and it was beautifully clear last night, much to the delight of the astronomers who had faced clouds for a few nights. But when we arrived this morning we found our telescopes and eyepieces were very wet with dew.

Generally, this is of a little concern for telescopes. You just leave the lens caps off and let the dew evaporate off the lenses over the course of the day. But with most eyepieces, a lot of water on them runs the risk of some moisture seeping between the elements and getting trapped. Later this problem shows up as the optics fog up from the inside. But this is not the case with Explore Scientific waterproof eyepieces.

Available in 62, 68, 82, 92, 100, and 120 degree apparent field designs. They are O-ring sealed and purged with an inert gas. To make sure they are indeed waterproof they are submerged in one meter of water for 30 minutes. They will never fog up between the lenses and they can be cleaned under running water. In addition these eyepieces are backed upon registration with our forever, no-fault, transferable warranty!

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