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Affiliate Organization - AstroWorld

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AstroWorld was created in 2020 by contributors from around the world teaming up with Dan Higgins and Charlie Walsh. The beginning of their adventure began in 2018 through an online show called "Cosmic Charlie and Declination Dan." This show highlighted guest speakers like Douglas Struble and TJ Connolly. 

As time went on and the show grew, Tim Conwell a member from Backyard Astro Imaging teamed up with them. Through this newfound friendship they coined the phrase “An astrophotography collaboration from both sides of the pond.” This unique combination is what grew AstroWorld and allowed for more members to come aboard. 

The focus of AstroWorld is to help Astrophotographers navigate the hobby of Astro Imaging. They provide shows to help others to not make the same mistakes they did during their learning process. The educational outreach they provide through their show has grown along with their guest list. They have had many well-known Astronomers as guest speakers. The list includes Scott Roberts, CEO Explore Scientific; Tom Bramwell from Primaluce Lab, USA; Ron Brecher, Warren Keller & Peter Proulx, from Masters of PixInsight image processing; and astrophotographer Adam Block. 



AstroWorld has shows every Wednesday and Friday that can be seen on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.



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